Whilst treatments cannot cure or diagnose, the process of reflexology can maintain the body's balance and well-being, aiming to keep the mind, body and spirt in optimum homeostasis.

For clients who have on-going chronic or acute ailments, treatments may support improvement in these conditions, in addition to working alongside prescribed medicine.

At no time will a reflexologist claim to cure, nor provide medical advice or diagnosis. If appropriate, you may be signposted to your GP, or another professional for assessment. Reflexology should not be seen as an alternative to seeking medical advice.



HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water the day before and the day after your treatment

HEALTH CHECK: Before the treatment starts, I'll conduct  a brief health history check, to make sure I understand any health concerns and to help me make a decision on the best form of treatment.

RELAX: My clinics provide a safe, comforting environment, with soft towels, blanket and relaxing background music. You'll be seated in a comfortable chair, which elevates to bring your feet up. I'll gently cleanse your feet before applying a natural ingredient oil to help provide a free-flowing treatment.

FEET: Reflexology is best recognised for the treatments done on feet. However, equally effective treatments can be performed on the hands, ears, head and lower legs. 

QUESTIONS- I may ask some questions during the session.

Clients are encouraged to ask their own questions. 

DURATION: A typical treatment last around 45 minutes.

TALKING: Your treatment can be as quiet as you want it to be.

You can close your eyes and enjoy the silence, or interact as you need throughout. 

PRESSURE: I may find areas of discomfort, congestion, or tightness during the session, so will apply pressure aiming to bring the body back into balance. I can return to that area or spot at the end of the session, to confirm the blockage/congestion has released.

FINALLY: At the end of your treatment, gently bring yourself back into the present moment, and orient yourself with a drink of water, ready to gather yourself and your belongings.



As part of my level 5 diploma and further study around Reproreflexology, I am certified to support couples during their fertility journey, whether hoping to conceive or keeping both baby and mum-to-be in the best shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

I work with couples to fully understand their personal journey and gain a clear picture of what support they require to aid conception via reflexology, ensuring both parties are in the best fertility health to conceive and nurture.


Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, allowing restful sleep, which in turn supports anyone going through invasive medical intervention or navigating through challenging illnesses.

Adapted to suit your needs, my non-invasive treatments allow you to relax in a safe and comfortable environment. I have previously treated voluntarily at Christies and I'm trained in ‘Christies HEARTS' process’, which is a minimal touch/light touch treatment offering comfort to those with a chronic or terminal illness.

If you suffer from post-surgical ailments such as lymphedema and oedema, I'm an approved RLD ptractioner, which works to reduce water volume within the affected area. 



Once your lovely bundle of joy has arrived, I work with mum (and baby) via the feet, which may help with a variety of new born ailments as your baby navigates through their first months.

My treatments are intended to help mum and baby bond, for mum to have the toolbox to support and nurture her baby in a relaxed environment.

For older children treatments could support with many childhood challenges. Treatments for children are carried out over shorter sessions and treatment plans are created to suit the individual child after a consultation.


It is believed that 75% of illnesses derive from being stressed. Taking this and our busy lives into consideration, time to relax and de-stress is essential for good health. Reflexology can work as an excellent preventative treatment for stress and anxiety management, working to achieve overall well-being.


This type of reflexology works equally well for adults, children and teenagers navigating though life's challenges



A sports reflexology treatment aims to support the body to balance and to relax the body. Athletes work at high levels of physical intensity. To be able to maintain this level of performance, the body needs to remain fine-tuned and in balance. Reflexology treatments could bring the body back to balance, improving overall homeostasis.


I offer treatment plans adjusted to support each client’s requirements and needs.


A reflexology treatment can help to bring the body back in balance, possibly helping to eliminate toxins, promote sleep and support the body's systems to work optimally. This in turn enables rest and relaxation.


Asthma & Breathing Issues,  Back & Neck Pain,  Blood Sugar Disorders,  Chronic Fatigue,  Circulatory Issues,  Degenerative Disorders,  Digestion Issues,  Fibromyalgia,  Hormone Imbalances,  Immune System Boost,  Insomnia,  Irregular Blood Pressure,  Joint Pain & Mobility,  Low Immunity,  Lymph Drainage,  Menopause,  Menstrual Issues,  Migraines,  Operation or Illness Recuperation,  Skin Disorders & Allergies,  Toxin Build Up