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ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY is concerned with protecting and maintaining our environmental resources for our future generations.
My practices come from an understanding that I have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. I am committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving my environmental performance as an integral part of my business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points.
I continue to encourage clients, colleagues and suppliers to do the same.

Green credentials & carbon literacy

I am working towards a carbon neutral business, although some aspects of my practice are on hold, due to COVID 19 government guidelines.


No more single use

I use re-recycled or reuseable products and materials wherever possible:

  • Cloths, rather than wipes.

  • Glasses of water rather than bottled.

  • All paper is recycled.

Support Local

Benefitting those around me

All my materials and supplies are bought from local businesses.

Every pound spent generates twice as much income for the local economy, as well as supporting my community

Energy Efficiency

Saving today to survive tomorrow

Every effort is made to limit and continually reduce my carbon footprint:

  • I recycle my paper and packaging.

  • All electronics and lighting is turned off wherever possible.

  • I commute from a close distance either on foot or my low emissions Eco car.

  • Towels and clothing are line dried.

Natural Resources

Nature makes us happy & healty

Where possible, I incorporate nature's gifts into my practices:

  • I use 100% organic coconut oil.

  • My clinic  walls are brightly decorated, allowing sunlight from my window to give warmth and light.

  • I use antibacterial essential oils and water to clean client's feet.

Share Knowledge

Community over profit

I am member of a number of networks of reflexologists, medical professionals and business leaders, ensuring my practices are up to date with  the latest research or techniques.

This includes reflexologists and business owner in my community, which whom I share opportunities and knowledge.

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